visit into ground zero

a site visit with a retired papd officer
my friend jim nachstein who is a retired papd officer took my wife and i and traveling companions, gary and donna rasmussen into ground zero 4 years after 9/11/01. this was jim's first visit back to ground zero after the attack. jim's wife maria had never been to ground zero so this was a defining moment for all who visited. i placed a patch from the san luis obispo city fire dept. and a challenge coin from the calif. conference of arson investigators at the memorial of the papd officers who died in the line of duty following this attack. this memorial was not open to the public so we felt very honored to have been invited to visit this memorial. it was probably the most gut wrenching visit i have ever made; knowing that not only police officers died trying to rescue individuals but the 343 firefighters who also lost their lives trying to save the same individuals. until you stand at ground zero and relive the actions taken by all those involved that day do you really get a sense of what was going though the minds of all those involved that senseless day. from those who were trying to help, to those that could not fathom what was happening. it was total chaos. i will forever remember this visit and never forget those who lost their lives trying to save others.
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