Nov 7, 2012 11:28 PM by Bill Halter (ATM)

Continuing the family tradition: Scotty Cusack, Legend in the Making

Scotty Cusack is the fourth member of his family to wear number three for the St. Joseph High football team. Like his dad and two brothers, Scotty has excelled for the Knights.

Cusack grew up hearing tales about his dad's exploits and watching his older brothers. Now a senior, Scotty has done the family name proud.

"It's a weird experience because I can just remember being on the field and being the water boy and handing the water. They just seemed so big and such role models. And I don't even feel like I fill that spot," said Cusack.

Looking through the St. Joseph record book there are a lot of Cusack references. Scotty along with his brother Patrick and dad are tied for the longest kick return in school history. Scotty is tied with his dad and brother K.J. for most touchdowns in a game with five, something Scotty has done the past two games using the old family football strategy. "Run, just try and get away from as many people as possible and once I get to the open field just try not to let anybody catch me from behind," said Cusack.

In the Knights' spread offense, Scotty has been a big play machine. He's averaging 11 yards per rush, 17 yards per catch and 44 yards per kick return. "His speed, there's really no answer to someone being that fast and having that good of vision. you can plan for strong people, you can plan for big people. It's kind of hard to have a plan for fast people," said head coach Dustin Davis, who's guided the Knights to an 8-2 regular season mark and a share of the program's first-ever Pac 7 title.

Scotty's older brothers won Los Padres League titles, but this season Scotty earned a Pac 7 crown.

"It definitely means a lot. I think it shows our community more that we're not just the team that was decent in the LPL that we can come up and we can win the Pac 7," added Scotty.

The 5-8 senior is the last Cusack and so the family's final game at St. Joseph will come at some point during the CIF playoffs. The Knights open the postseason at home against West Torrance in the first round of the CIF Northern Division playoffs Friday at 7pm.



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