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Feb 14, 2014 4:05 PM by Dan Shadwell

Fallon talks with us about his big move to The Tonight Show

On Monday night, Jimmy Fallon will take the reigns as the sixth host of "The Tonight Show."
Fallon and I sat down to chat about his move to the number one, late-night talk show on television.
It's a serious move for him and he was pretty serious in the interview as well. Here's the transcript:

Shadwell--You're taking over the tonight show.
Fallon--Oh, yeah.
Shadwell--What kind of tawdry, back-room deal was this? I mean, how did this work out?
Fallon--Have you seen "Blacklist" this season?
Fallon--It's similar.
Fallon--...similar to that. Yeah. James Spader was involved. But you'll read all about it in my book. "How I really got The Tonight Show," by Jimmy Fallon. You can pre-order it right now on "Nook." Only on the Nook.
Shadwell--Is that coming out soon?
Fallon--Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. It's long. It's a long book.
Shadwell--So, this isn't like, 50 years in the future, you're going to release it and then all the dirt comes out then...?
Fallon--I'm going to predict the dirt before it happens.
Shadwell--Do you think of yourself as a dancer who sings, or a singer who dances?
Fallon--A dancer who sings. Yeah. That's how I think of myself. But people might differ. They might say he's a... he's neither a singer/dancer who thinks of himself as a dancer and a singer.
Shadwell--Let's talk about what's going to happen when you take over The Tonight Show. You going to bring over "slow-jam the news?"
Shadwell--You are...?
Shadwell--What stuff are you going to steal from Jay?... and don't worry, because when this airs, he won't be watching it... and we don't even have the same audience. So, you can say whatever. What are you going to steal from him?
Fallon--Whatever's funny. I'll take headlines... I'll take... uh... can I take "jay walking?" It won't work if I'm Jimmy, right?
Shadwell--It's a different name.
Fallon--Well, it starts the same.
Shadwell--Oh, I see!
Fallon--"Jaaaayyyy" and then in parenthesis, "immee" jayyy-immmeee walking!
Shadwell--I like that.
Fallon--This is pretty good. I mean, legally, I can do it, yeah. No... I won't take any of his bits because you just create your own stuff, you know? So, we're looking for ideas. So, if you want to write for our show... just look at the address on the screen right now...
Fallon--...and send in a resume.
Shadwell--Me? you talking to me?
Fallon--Yeah. If you want to. You can just hand me your resume if you want to. You did earlier.
Shadwell--I did.
Fallon--It was written in crayon, which is weird.
Shadwell--Well,.. I needed it to stick.
Fallon--Understood. Understood.
Shadwell--Thank you, Jimmy.
Fallon--Thank you, Dan. You're a good man. Good to see you, buddy.
Fallon--That was fun.
Shadwell--I try to do something serious once in awhile.
Fallon--I mean, that was ridiculous... So fun.

The address on the screen never appeared, by the way.
On Monday, Fallon takes The Tonight Show back to New York, where it was originally done, until Johnny Carson moved the show West to Burbank back in the sixties.
So, back at 30 Rock, they'll shoot just across the hall from the studio where SNL is currently produced.
By the way, Seth Meyers takes over hosting duties for Fallon on "The Late Show" and we'll hear from him coming up next week.



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