Good Question

Feb 14, 2013 12:18 AM by John Reger

GQ: Is it legal for motorcycles to ride between lanes when freeway traffic is slow?

Tonight's Good Question was prompted by something you see when traffic is slow or stopped on the freeway.

Is it legal for a motorcyclist to ride between lanes of stopped or slow- moving traffic? Good Question.

It's known as lane splitting, white-lining or lane sharing. Unlike most states, it is legal in California, as long as it's done in a, "safe and prudent manner."

CHP guidelines say don't go more than 10 miles faster than surrounding traffic. Don't split lanes when general traffic flow is 30 miles an hour or faster.

It's safest to ride in the slot between the fast lane and the next lane over. Be aware of lane width, road and weather conditions, and size of nearby vehicles.

Also, when you see city street traffic stopped at a traffic light, motorcyclists are allowed to ride between lanes to the front.

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