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Apr 11, 2013 12:19 AM by John Reger

GQ: What causes wind?

We had some big winds blow through the state on Monday, leaving behind downed trees and power outages. Lois from Santa Maria asks a simple question: What causes winds? Good Question.

The best guy I know to go to for weather questions is Dave Hovde, so I asked him the best guy i know to answer that question is dave hovde.

"Earth is always in the process of balancing itself out with air pressure," said Dave Hovde, Chief Meteorologist at KSBY, "even though it never quite gets the job done."

"Wind is essentially pressure," he continued. "It's like a balloon: when it's empty the pressure on the inside is about the same as the pressure on the outside. When you blow the balloon up and pinch the end closed, the pressure on the inside is much greater than outside. When you release the pinch, the air goes from high pressure to low pressure and that makes wind."

"The difference in pressure creates the strength of the wind. Where the pressure is creates the direction of the wind."

There you have it. Much better than I could have done.

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