Good Question

Nov 8, 2012 12:12 AM by John Reger

GQ: When is the school zone speed limit in effect?

Tonight's Good Question is about those signs you see in schools zones that say: "25 miles per hour when children are present." Does that go for school hours only? How about weekends?

Marcia Bunofsky Hixon asks: What hours is the speed limit in effect? And how much are the tickets if you break the law? Good Multiple Question.

Actually it's simple. Anytime day or night, weekdays or weekend, the limit is in effect. If you see someone walking in the zone and you can't tell if it's a child or an adult, play it safe and slow down. It's up to the driver to exercise judgment.

The fine is stiff for going over the 25 mile an hour limit. Here's how it breaks down when you add in the state and court fees. 1 to 15 miles over the limit costs you $237; 16 to 25 miles over gets you $366 bucks; and anything more than 26 miles over the limit will cost $489.

By the way, the same 25 mile hour speed limit is in force in downtown business districts and around senior centers.

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