Good Question

Nov 21, 2012 11:18 PM by John Reger

GQ: Why aren't there any mailboxes on houses or in yards in Avila Beach?

Tonight's Good Question is about something missing in a popular Central Coast beach community.

The question is: Why aren't there any mailboxes in the yards or on the houses in Avila Beach? Good Question.

The reason is that there's no mail delivery to homes or apartments in Avila Beach, and there never has been. Even now with 1600 residents scattered over 6 square miles, the Postal Service says there aren't enough people to warrant home delivery. Everyone has to go to the post office for their mail or to a bank of boxes in a residential development.

Starting in 1907, the post office was operated by store or hotel owners around Front Street. By 1925, the Postmaster was the owner of the old Avila Grocery Store, offering combination-type lock boxes near the meat and vegetables.

The current Post Office went up in 1963, with key lock boxes. In the '70's, people living in the gated San Luis Bay Estates started getting their mail from a bank of lock boxes. About half of Avila's postal customers use these.

The Postal Service regularly studies whether to change to home delivery but there are no plans to change things in Avila now.

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