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Jul 25, 2013 12:15 AM by John Reger

GQ: Why don't police reveal how much money is stolen in a bank robbery?

We've been keeping you up to date on the rash of bank robberies on the Central Coast. One thing that you seldom hear about is the dollar amount the robber gets away with. That raised this question: Why don't police reveal how much money is stolen in a bank robbery? Good Question.

First, it's usually the bank's policy to not reveal the dollar amount stolen. Law enforcement honors the bank's position by not including the amount in police reports.

Former FBI Agent Tom Parker told me today that banks don't want the public to know how much money is readily accessible to the tellers. Banks don't want to create an invitation to other potential robbers.

Parker says a bank can determine how much was stolen within a couple of hours, at most 24 hours.

The FBI investigates bank robberies along with police because most bank deposits are insured by a federal agency, so bank crimes fall under FBI jurisdiction. There's also a better chance the FBI will investigate bank robberies in smaller cities than in major metropolitan areas. The FBI has stepped up anti-terrorism efforts overall, but with less terrorism in small cities, local agents are more available to respond to community needs involving more traditional areas of FBI law enforcement.

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