Dec 26, 2012 6:24 PM by Bill Halter

92 and counting for Allen and the Eagles

The Arroyo Grande girls water polo team has won 92 straight games against Pac-7 competition. Steven Allen has been the Eagles head coach for the entire winning streak. In his 12th season, Allen is in the early stages of becoming a coaching legend at Arroyo Grande.
"I really love what I do, I love coaching" said Allen.

Getting the pool built at Arroyo Grande High School was actually Allen's senior project at Cal Poly. "Designing all the facilities, figuring out what was the best filtration. All the way through the money part of it to how much it was going to cost to work all year. The maintenance part of it and how much it cost to get it built. And then the biggest part was getting it on to the super intendant of the schools, Mr. Sears at that times desk and for him to say let's attach this into the school bond was the biggest part" said Allen.

The proposal did pass and Allen's teams have won a lot of games at the pool. He's won three Pac-7 championships in 11 years as the boys water polo coach. His girls teams have won nine league championships and three CIF titles.

The Pac-7 winning streak for the girls dates back to 2003. Allen was the coach while still a student at Cal Poly. It was the day of his final class.
"I remember the game very, very well. We played against San Luis Obispo in the semifinal of our league tournament at that time. I had to go to class. I went to class and I showed up after class about half way through the game and we were down by a couple of goals and we weren't able to come back and win that game."

Allen played water polo in high school and was drawn to coaching when he got to college. He has credibility with his players because of his knowledge of the sport but also because of his ability to relate to them.
"He is the program, he makes everything. His dedication and everything is what makes us so good" said senior Alexis Elias.

"Coach Allen is one of the most dedicated coaches I've ever had and he shows up here really early in the morning and it's just his overwhelming dedication and support for our team. He's always here, he's always here for us" said senior Morgan Clark.

The long term success of the program has been a product of engaging young players well before they get to high school.
"We're trying to reload every year, we don't want to have a down year any year. When seniors graduate, we just insert the next crew" said Allen.

The Eagles will play their alumni game on Thursday and then return to regular season play at Ventura on Friday. Arroyo Grande will try to improve it's Pac-7 winning streak to 93 on January 3 at Pioneer Valley.



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