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Jan 7, 2014 3:41 PM by Jeanette Trompeter

Life coach and best selling author Martha Beck finds her version of heaven on the Central Coast

Do you believe in the power of positive thought? In dreaming big and expecting the best? Martha Beck has made a career out of teaching people to pursue the things that bring them the most joy in life. But even she was blown away by the proof of what she preaches when she made a leap to move to the Central Coast.

Get "Out and About" with Martha and you'll get fired up about following your bliss in 2014:

Millions of people turn to Martha Beck to help them live their best lives, whether through a Ted talk, as part of Oprah's dream team of life-coaches, or through her books, website or seminars directly. Well Martha may have found her best life by making a move to the Central Coast. "I never lived in California, never been on a ranch, never ridden a horse really." she says.

But years ago, Martha starting having a vision of her destiny. Instead of questioning it, she shared it with friends and colleagues until one of them suggested she check out our neck of the woods...specifically, the Arroyo Grande area. What she found was exactly what she had pictured. "I mean the logo of my company...I took the letter M and made a butterfly out of it. The gate to this house is carved into the logo of my company and it was there when I got here!" Even she seems astounded as to how much the vision she had for years matches her current reality.

Martha made the move from Arizona to her Central Coast dream ranch a year ago and it has supported many of her other visions. She wanted to help people discover what she did the first time she worked with a horse whisper. "I was like, 'Okay..all the talking and all the writing I do, I could throw most of it overboard if I could put people in with a horse for a half an hour.'"

She also wanted to spend less time on the road, and more at home. "So I'll get corporate invitations to work with really top executives and [they'll say] 'Come to the Middle East, and do this thing in Dubai.' and I'm like "Uh, if you can come to my ranch, I'll do it.' And they do!" she chuckles. "And I love sharing it with them."

Martha now brings clients to the Central Coast, hosts retreats and seminars, and writes and wanders her property finding guidance to help others through nature. As we walk the ranch with her dogs and son Adam, she is constantly scanning the ground looking for animal tracks and other evidence of their presence. When we come upon some turkey feathers in our path, she shows me how marks on them can tell you what kind of predator likely took the bird down. "So you can see this is about how big his mouth was." she explains as she points to the scars along one feather I wouldn't have noticed. "So that's maybe a bobcat. More likely a fox." she explains.

Martha has spent a lot of time in Africa learning how to track animals. "Horses, horses, horses...humans, humans, humans...." she says as she walks watching the ground. Now she does it here. "Wait...oh we had a skunk come by!" She then explains how she knows the indentations in the dry dirt came from the cute but stinky creature.

Then she explains the huge parallels to tracking your purpose and path in life: "Your destiny gives you signals that are like a track. Like a lot of people will find a syncronicity in something they're doing and they don't know why they're so joyful...they just really like doing a certain thing or going a certain place. And that to me is what we call a hot track." she says.

According to Martha, if you feel joy, it means your heading in the right direction. Lose the joy, and it may be time to reassess. And just because you've lost the track, doesn't mean you've lost the way. "People think a bear will walk in a straight line." she says as she shakes her head. She goes on to explain that bears and many creatures do a lot of meandering, wandering and walking a path that is anything but straight. And so does your path through life.

Even Martha's path has meandered. And being a believer and a teacher of following your bliss, she listened when when she paid her first visit to the Central Coast. "I came here, and I really paid attention to my feelings because of what I do. And I left and I was like, 'Is there a positive version of haunted?' Because I feel kind of enchanted by this place."

And she isn't the only one. Her family and menagerie of animals feel the same. She shares the common bond with those of us who get to live this close to the ocean, to agriculture, to nature...and how that in itself helps us live our best lives. "I think I'm being entranced or something and I like it!"

To learn more about Martha, her journey and her life-lessons to help you in 2014, click here.



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