Legends in the Making

Sep 12, 2012 6:11 PM by Bill Halter

Local girl making a name for herself as MMA Fighter

When Nipomo's Christina Jenne was getting picked on in Kindergarten her dad signed her up for a mixed martial arts class. Nine years later Jenne is known as the "Queen of Hearts" and preparing for a mixed martial arts national tournament.

Last month Jenne competed in her first pankration fight. She won the fight against a former state champion who had fought numerous times before. "I think the girl she was fighting just thought she was going to run through Christina and then she was kind of surprised when Christina slammed her and then submitted her in 58 seconds of the first round" said Jenne's coach Lance Glynn.

Punching, kicking and kneeing to the head is illegal in youth pankration matches but just about everything else is allowed. Jenne won her match by submission, as she clinched in a choke hold on her opponent.

Now the ninth grader at St. Joseph High School is training for the US Open Youth Pankration National Championships starting September 22 in Laguna Hills, California. "I want to win" said Jenne who dreams of becoming a UFC fighter someday. "I want to be the best and beat the best in UFC" said Jenne who already has one sponsorship.

Jenne says she hasn't suffered a serious injury in mixed martial arts fighting , "it will happen some day but I'm not planning on having it happen anytime soon."

Jenne also wrestles, she's a six time state wrestling champion competing against girls but plans to wrestle with the boys as a freshman at St. Joseph.



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