No Place Like Home

Nov 20, 2012 7:09 PM by Jeanette Trompeter

No Place Like Home: Moonstone Beach

Almost all of us could use a little more exercise. And there's really not much of an excuse not to, when you consider the acres of opportunity we have for walks, hikes and swims around us. Tonight, we hit one of the easy strolls right in our own backyard, and found more proof There's No Place Like Home.

We may take them for granted, but we shouldn't. I'm talking about the views, the sounds, and the smell of fresh air we have easy access to on the Central Coast. Because not everyone is so lucky. "Colorado is beautiful, but we don't have an ocean." points out Robin Bott of Denver, Colorado.

But we who live here DO have that little body of water we call the Pacific right in our own backyard. And it tends to be picture perfect come this time of year in so many ways. "I should walk it all the time, but when you live close you tend not to get out as often as you should, but the weather is gorgeous today and the tide is way out." says Nancy Caldwell of Cambria.

Moonstone Beach may be known by locals for it's hotel row and one of the best places to get seafood anywhere. But there's also a great stretch of beach front that offers a great place to get out and stretch your legs. "So it makes it a great spot to walk and the boardwalk is right here. So it makes it easy." says Caldwell.

You can take it seriously with a jog or take it easy and stroll the boardwalk leisurely. But either way, it's always nice to finish the trek on the beach where you can get some sand between your toes. "We collect these little stones. Some of them are moonstones we think. I think there's some jade in here." says Larry Richwine of San Fernando Valley. "We're retired. That's what we do."

A good high tide makes for plentiful pickin's for those who love to search for treasures. "We love it." says Richwine. "It feels good. It's beautiful. I love this place." says his wife Bonnie Richwine.

And no matter how many times you've walked this stretch, there's always something new to be learned from mother nature. Or to be awed by. Until I did this story, I didn't realize Moonstone Beach was named after the Moonstones you can find along this stretch of beach. "Moonstone is like a quartz rock." explains Caldwell. "White and and then it's got solid white spots in it, so it kind of glints in the sun. If you walk along the beach and kind of soften your eyes you can see them." she explains. "And they're sparkle!"

When you take a stroll along moonstone beach, you take a break from your worries. "We came here at the beginning of summer and it was completely fogged in and freezing cold and windy, but we had the most wonderful time. So we've been back twice since then." says Bonnie. "It's peaceful and beautiful."

And it's right in our own backyard.

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