No Place Like Home

Jul 2, 2013 7:24 PM by Jeanette Trompeter

No Place LIke Home: Pismo Bowl

It's summertime on the central coast, and that means a lot of folks flock to our area for annual vacations. And for a lot families who come to Pismo Beach, there's one stop that has been part of vacation traditions for decades. And any local who's spent any time there knows it's more proof There's No Place Like Home.

There's a lot about Pismo Beach that makes it a classic beach town, and Pismo Bowl is definately part of the picture. It's kind of Coney Island, California style. Eight lanes of old-school entertainment for lazy days when school and schedules aren't important. When kids have time to kill, families have time together, and friends can share something more than smalltalk.

It's been around and operating continuously since 1939. Christine Goldie and her family are the fourth owners of the place. They've had it for the last 13 years. Most of the family works here, and kind of feel like they're keepers of history by keeping the place going. And they are.

You can see it on the walls, in the treasures and trophies scattered about the place, and on the smiles of the people you find here. "It really hasn't changed that much since I was a kid. My parents used to bring me here. They have some new equipment, but otherwise everything else is pretty much the same." says Doug Alevezos. He came here with his parents when he was a kid, and now he brings his kids here. And even though it's tough to text or twitter between strikes, spares or gutter balls, they don't think it's hokey at all. "No, it's the same and it's just comfortable and nice to come back to." says one of his daughters, Kirstin Alavezos. -"When everything changes around, and things get rebuilt, this is still the same."

A family of four can play for less than 20 bucks. It's $3.75 a game, $2.95 for shoe rentals. You can also grab a burger, beer or cappicino.

If you're like me, you don't bowl very often, but it doesn't matter because every time you play, it's just as much fun as the very first time when you were a kid. "I just feel like bowling is such a traditional sport, that I would just hate to loose it for the next generation." says Goldie.

You can rediscover the thrill of what it feels like to line 'er up and let 'er fly...and wait for the laughs or claps from the crowd behind you. Pismo Bowl is open noon to midnight 7 days a week. "Well we do close for Chistmas!" Goldie chuckles.

There's also an arcade and pool tables, and you can also grab a burger, beer or cappuccino at the little diner. And if you really want the deal, head down at the start of the work week for Monday madness. $15 gets you all the bowling and pizza you can handle. Pismo bowl is at the corner of Dolliver and Polmeroy. It's a central coast classic. And it's definitely more proof there's No Place Like Home.

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