Dec 4, 2012 1:19 PM by KSBY News, Carina Corral

Paso Robles dentist preps patients with spa-like treatment

The drilling, the scraping, the poking and the prodding are all reasons people hate going to the dentist, but what if it were more like a spa treatment?

While a patient at Dr. Lisa Lu Davis' office in Paso Robles undergoes a dental procedure, the familiar sounds of the drill and suction tube echo through the office. In the next room, another patient is being prepped for her procedure with a warm neck wrap, a chair massage and the TV mounted on the ceiling above her head tuned to the channel of her liking.

All perks Dr. Davis uses to distract from the normal sights and sounds that tend to keep people out of her chair, people like Vicki Montgomery. "I've had some really horrifying experiences in the past with dentists, so it took me a long time to come here, any dentist actually," said Montgomery.

Needing work done, she decided to give Dr. Davis a try and was surprised by the some-what spa treatment.

"I mean I was so relaxed before they even started doing anything, I was almost asleep," she said.

Dr. Davis said the massage chairs, the TVs, the warm neck wraps are all about keeping the patient's mind relaxed and off of what is going on in their mouths. "Since not everybody likes to go to the dentist, but we try to make it so it's at least pleasurable and comfortable."

When asked if she has done anything about the dreaded drill she said, "Oh, the drill. Everybody asks about the drill. It's amazing the small turbines they're quiet. I can't say they're soundless, but they're a whisper."

The somewhat quieter drill and the other perks just might have some rushing out to get that overdue root canal.. or at least a cleaning.