No Place Like Home

Jan 15, 2013 7:22 PM by Jeanette Trompeter

Rehearsals/Ticket sales begin for annual Fundraising Fashion Show at Madonna Inn

I'm laying odds there are dozens of community leaders out there tonight looking at their calendars, and shaking their heads. Because starting tomorrow, they're committed to evening and weekend practices for the annual fund-raising fashion show at the Alex Madonna Expo Center in March.

There's always a moment when most will wonder "Do I have time for this?" But then they get together, get to yucking it up, and get reminded by the founder of the show, why it's worth every minute. Because Phyllis' Musical Review is definitely more proof There's No Place Like Home.

The first weekend of ever March, there's a rather unlikely gathering of characters who devote two full days of their lives, and many more leading up to it, to stepping out of their comfort zones.

Phyllis' Musical Review is a fundraiser for the Women's Shelter of San Luis Obispo County. That, and the fact Phyllis Madonna is ultimately behind the project means some rather high profile doctors, attorneys, business owners, and civic leaders check their egos at the door and spend weeks rehearsing the moves and maneuvers that will not only draw the crowds, but bring them to their feet. "You would never think they would do what they do." says Phyllis. "I think people see who the individual is, and their personalities and they're not looking at what jobs they're doing. They're not looking at who and what they represent. They represent themselves as a human being."

That they do, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars in ticket sales each year that goes to the Women's Shelter. It's a dream that started 26 years ago for Phyllis. "They'll do anything I ask and I certainly do appreciate and love each and every one of them. You get so the camaraderie behind stage as well as on stage is great."

Except for one year, Phyllis has been a part of that camaraderie and a big part in the show. It's part of the reason few can say no to the six-week commitment of twice a week practices that are necessary to put on a show like this.

Those making the commitment include many who have been a part of it since the beginning, some who have quite literally grown up with the show. "They started being carried by mother and father and now they're teenagers." says Phyllis.

A new cast of coordinators has taken over many of the duties Phyllis once did. This year's show is entitled "Friendship", which kind of summarizes what many of us have taken away from being part it. Lifelong memories, and lifelong friendships, and all kinds of proof, There's No Place Like Home.

This year's shows are Friday and Saturday, March1st and 2nd. There are two shows each day. Two brunch shows and two dinner shows. Tickets range in price from $65 to $130 dollars, again with all proceeds benefiting the Women's Shelter of San Luis Obispo County. Last year the shows raised more than $150-thousand dollars. Organizers are hoping for $175-thousand this year.

For ticket information, contact the "My Favorite Things" Boutique at the Madonna Inn at 784-2441.



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