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Watch NBC Network Shows in High Definition on KSBY-TV!

Now you can watch some of your favorite NBC shows and exciting sporting events in crystal clear high-definition.

There are three ways you can receive high-definition programming. You can purchase an HD television with a built-in digital tuner (also known as an "ATSC tuner") and connect it to an indoor or outdoor UHF antenna. If your high-defintion television does not have a built-in tuner you will need to purchase an external tuner. This arrangement may allow you to tune in free over-the-air high-definition broadcasts, depending on your location and local conditions.

You can also subscribe to the high-definition programming package of your local cable service provider, DirecTV or Dish Network and connect your HD television to the cable box or satellite receiver output.

You can watch KSBY in high-definition on:

  • Over the air on Service 6-1
  • Charter Cable on their digital tier - Channel 786
  • Comcast Cable on their digital tier - Channel 221
  • Cox Cable on their digital tier - Channel 706

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